We are Built for a Purpose

Welcome Home!

God writes His Word on our Lives, building us into a Family engaged
in Spirit-filled Service.

We are a people who have so much of everything in so many different ways, and yet, who are empty in many ways. Our congregation offers what gives lasting value to people’s lives; the love, forgiveness and friendship of God in Jesus Christ. Lake Oconee Lutheran is one of more than 15,000 Lutheran congregations across the country. Our church is founded upon the Bible. Jesus Christ, God’s own Son, is the very center of everything we believe and teach. We strive, with God’s help, to make our faith a part of everyday living by means of Worship, Life-long learning, and service to those around us.

Today’s fast paced society can make it difficult for people to get to know their neighbors and to establish meaningful relationships. Lake Oconee is a family where people can develop new friends, caring friends.

We believe that our Lord’s ministry was to the whole person, as the church’s ministry is today. Our congregation, therefore, deals with the physical, intellectual, and spiritual dimensions of a person’s life. We serve others in cooperation with local partners. We welcome you to worship with us, or attend a Bible class, or to ask about whatever interests you. Lake Oconee Lutheran is much more than a gathering place for Sunday morning  worship. We can be the center of your Christian life—a place where you can make new acquaintances and maintain old friendships—a place where you can celebrate the milestones of your life from baptisms to confirmations, from weddings to anniversaries.

Join us in celebrating God’s love and finding His meaning for our lives. Please come and worship God with us!

With services being cancelled – check out our videos below for you to continue worship.

Sunday April 5 Worship Service:

Wednesday April 1 Lenten Service:

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