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Worship and Gathering Update

When the Church Council last met to discuss whether to discontinue “live” or in person worship, the motion authorized the discontinuation of public worship to the end of April. As that time approached, the council met through email to discuss whether or not to extend that hiatus. We noted that several things that were important to our discussion.

  • Governor Kemp’s executive order still standing in the State of Georgia declares a State of emergency and bans all non-profits from “gatherings of persons” until May 13, 2020.
  • Georgia (despite Gov. Kemp’s reopening order) still has not met the guidelines necessary to move into phase 1 of Pres. Trump’s “Opening Up America Again” plan. The federal plan requires 14 days of declining numbers in new infections and deaths from COVID-19 for a state’s entrance into Phase 1 of recovering. However Georgia, according to the CDC, still is experiencing increases in both cases of COVID-19 and deaths as of April 27th.
  • Upon communication with our sister, circuit congregations, we learned that none are planning to resume meeting in person until May 31st or early June in accordance with health concerns within our state.
  • Many in our membership fall into the “at-risk” category due to health concerns.

Having reviewed all of these points, the Church Council voted to continue our practice of distance worship and Bible study through May 30, 2020 to be reviewed at that time based on then current trends. We will not meet in person but will continue to post worship opportunities online through the various platforms. This still leaves open the possibility of our first public worship being May 31st, Pentecost Sunday.

Worship will continue to be posted on Facebook, YouTube and here on our website. Please “follow” our Facebook page or “subscribe” to our YouTube channel to receive notifications when new content is published.

Finally please contact Pastor Steve if you have special needs or questions. Thank you.

With services being cancelled – check out our videos below for you to continue worship.

Sunday May 24 Worship Service:

Sunday May 17 Worship Service:

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