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Worship and Gathering Update

Grace and peace to each of you whom God has called to be His child and to be a part of His family here at Lake Oconee Lutheran.

The Church Council at their May 2021 meeting approved several changes to our way of Worship together. These changes  took effect  Sunday, June 6, 2021.

–  Beginning June 6th, mask wearing will be optional during Worship and Bible class time.  You may choose whether you would like to continue to wear your mask throughout the service, or not to wear one. As the percentage of complete vaccinations increases and with the introduction of coffee hour, the Council felt this was appropriate. We continue to encourage you to allow room for social distancing.
–  Beginning June 6th, we will resume serving communion at the railing with some modifications.  
1.  There will be fewer people ushered to the railing each time, so we ask you to leave space between households.
2.  Kneeling is optional. You may remain standing if you prefer not to touch the railing.
3.  The common cup will still not be used, only the individual cups will be offered.
4.  The self-contained communion cups and wafers that we have been using will continue to be available. If you desire to receive communion at your seat and not come forward, you may continue that practice.
5.  Pastor and the communion assistant will be masked during the distribution.
Above all, we encourage you, in love, to be patient as we navigate these changes and iron out any unforeseen difficulties that we encounter.  You may help us in this transition by signing up to serve as ushers for communion Sundays.  If you have any questions, you are always invited to speak with Pastor Steve, Joe Peeples (Chair of the Board of Elders) or Tom Mathson (Congregational President).  Thank you.

Remember, we are now live-streaming our Sunday morning Bible Class and Worship. This means both services will be broadcast LIVE as they happen on Sunday mornings at 9:00am (Bible Class) 10:30 am (Worship) on Facebook. Join us as we all come together in worship.
If you are unable to be online, do not worry. The recorded services will remain available on-line for you to watch later as well. You may find them on the @lakeoconeelutheranchurch page on Facebook, You may also find the Worship service on Monday following the service here on our website.
Worshiping God with your brothers and sisters in Christ; now there is more than one way to do that.

God’s blessings to each of you!
Pastor Steve

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