Sunday Morning Bible Class 

 Sunday Morning Bible Class

Nearly 500 years ago, an unknown monk from a backwater town in Germany, set
in motion a movement that would literally transform Western civilization. The
impact Martin Luther had on the growth and development of Christianity is
enormous. But how did this unknown miner’s son change the world? How much
about Martin do we still know and understand today? In this Lutheran Hour
Ministries’ Bible study, we will examine the life and times of this religious
The details of Luther's early life and work– his childhood with his parents Hans
and Margaret, his university pursuits, his decision to become a monk, his protest
of then-current church practices, his writings, his life in hiding, and his roles as
husband and father — are all considered in this study.
Join us on Sunday mornings at 9 am in church and on Facebook Live for A Man
Called Martin.

Mid-Week Bible Class 

Even in our increasingly irreligious society, people continue to talk about God,
often in terms of His Fatherhood. The general public recognizes the name, person,
and work of Jesus Christ. But what do those outside the church know of the third
person of the Trinity? What do those inside the church know about the Holy
Where Christ is preached, Lutherans rejoice to believe, teach, and confess that
the Spirit is always present and active. Far from neglecting the Spirit, Lutherans
praise, honor, and glorify Him as God. This occurs not only when they speak about
Him, but especially when in humble silence they allow Him to speak to them, to
reveal the Savior and proclaim His salvation.
Join us online on Zoom in Bible Class every Wednesday morning at 10:30am as we
study The Holy Spirit.

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Women’s Bible Study

Over the summer, they will meet each Tuesday in the Choir Room beginning at 10:00 am where they will discuss how scripture impacts their lives. It will be more informal with no book or preparation needed. Just come and have a lively discussion with other women at LOLC. We will continue with our focus on Acts in the fall.