Sunday Morning Bible Class 

Due to COVID and social distancing, the Sunday morning bible class has been suspended. Please join us after the restrictions have been lifted. We will be sure to share the subject information as soon as we meet in person again.

Mid-Week Bible Class “The Apostles Creed”

What is a creed? A creed is a statement of what we believe, teach and confess. One of the creeds that we use regularly in worship is The Apostles’ Creed. It is called this, not because it was written by the apostles themselves, but because it states briefly the doctrine or teaching which God has given to us through the apostles in the Bible.

On Wednesday mornings at 10:30 am, join us on Zoom for a Bible study where we are examining the Apostles’ Creed, and through it, our faith itself. [Call the church office for the pertinent ZOOM information]