Sunday Morning Bible Class 

 Sunday Morning Bible Class

The Book of Esther is a wonderful, true story of God watching over His people and delivering them from certain death. It tells the tale of the young, beautiful Jewish girl, who by God’s gracious providence became queen of Persia. With Mordecai, her protective and loving cousin, Esther saves her people by exposing a cruel plot to exterminate the Jews remaining in Persia, who chose not to return to the Promised Land.

Although God is never mentioned in the book, He is not hard to find in the many “coincidences,” ironic twists, and reversals recorded therein. Some interpreters have gone so far as to say that God, even in His apparent absence, is the book’s main character. Working behind the scenes, God inspires faith in His gracious promises and enables His children to accomplish extraordinary things on behalf of their neighbor.

The Book of Esther is a powerful reminder that God is faithful to His promises and raises up deliverers for His people. Join us every Sunday morning at 9 am, either in person in the Sanctuary or live-streamed on Facebook, for Esther, For Such a Time as This.

Mid-Week Bible Class 

A psalm is a song or poem distinguished by its devotional character and deep piety. It is the faith of the Old Testament set to music, a poem springing from an encounter with God. It is worship literature. The book of Psalms, as we know it, was not made-it grew, just as our hymnals were not made but grew as person after person through the centuries expressed deep spiritual experiences in poetic form. 

Christ loved the psalms. Raised as a Jewish boy, He was nourished on the psalms of His people. The psalms were read and sung in His home. He heard them in the synagogue. Later, at His Baptism, His vocation as Messiah was affirmed with Ps. 2:7, “You are My Son.” In the night in which He was betrayed, after Jesus instituted the Last Supper, He and the eleven sang a hymn before going to the Mount of Olives (Matt. 26:30). On the cross, when His agony was greatest, Jesus used the words of David (Ps. 22:1) to express the horror of forsakenness. On Easter evening, when Jesus startled the eleven by His sudden appearance, He declared that everything written about Him in the psalms must be fulfilled (Luke 24:44). 

Most people who know anything about the Bible know a few “literary gems” from the Psalms. But if you are not satisfied with a few oft-quoted verses, then come to a full banquet. You are invited to sit down at the table and enjoy the spiritual food found in the Psalms. Real people, who had real problems and joys, wrote the Psalms. Just as God spoke to the writers of the Psalms, so He speaks to you today. Join us Wednesday mornings at 10:30 am on Zoom for our Bible study on the Book of Psalms – Conversations with God.

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Women’s Bible Study

 Women’s Bible Class will resume after the Holidays starting January 4th.